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2006 Volume 8 Issue 1

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President's Letter
Jack M. Wilson
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Excerpts from the Board
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Economic Currents:
The State of the State Economy

In the face of high energy costs and a cooling housing market, the Massachusetts economy appears to be stuck in neutral.
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The Measure of Massachusetts
This section presents the University of Massachusetts Economic Indexes, employment, labor force and income data, confidence indexes and more.
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Massachusetts medical devices:
Leveraging the region’s capabilities
Michael H. Best
The medical devices sector is already established and growing in Massachusetts. A powerful new data base helps demonstrate the industry’s range and scope.
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Manufacturing biotechnology in Massachusetts
Shiri M. Breznitz
The Massachusetts biotechnology sector is among the largest and leading biotech clusters in the nation and world. But most biotech firms do not manufacture in the state.
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The Commonwealth’s industrial land dilemma:
Lessons from the Route 146 Corridor
Zenia Kotval and John Mullin
In some parts of the Commonwealth, a mismatch exists between industrial need and an adequate supply of industrial land.
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