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Our Data

Links to Current U.S. Census Data for Massachusetts and its Communities
» Census American Community Survey profiles for a Massachusetts community (Web App)
» Selected tables from the Census American Community Survey for all cities and towns (Web App)

Massachusetts Reports the Donahue Institute Updates on an Annual or Quarterly Basis
» Total population for the state, counties, cities and towns, from the Decennial Census and Census Estimates, 1930–2016 (Excel, 95kb)
» Annual building permit data for all cities and towns, from Census Bureau Construction Statistics, 2000–2016 (Excel, 1.4mb)  
» Economic Due Diligence Quarter 4, 2017, a Current Massachusetts Profile (PDF, 2mb)

Links to Historical Census Data for Massachusetts
» Massachusetts Census 1980 STF3 custom profile (PDF, 38kb)
» Massachusetts Census 1990 STF3 custom profile (PDF, 77kb)
» Massachusetts Census 2000 STF3 custom profile (PDF, 190kb)
» Massachusetts Census 2010 demographic profile (short form only)

Links for the Donahue Institute Population Program (PEP)
» UMDI Population Projections 2010–2030 (link)
» UMDI Population Estimates Data Releases (link)

Please Contact Us if You Need Assistance

Thomas Peake
University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute
100 Venture Way, Suite 9
Hadley, MA 01035-9462
phone: (413) 545-6655
fax: (413) 545-3420
email: tpeake@donahue.umassp.edu

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